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SPOILER WARNING! Here, comparison between the film and the book is criticized.

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July 28, 11:17 AM
When a new Harry Potter film is released, comparisons between it and the book on which it is based on come out at a rapid pace. The most dominant of which are what the movie DID NOT include. While many fans and critics have given “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” positive reviews, it was not immune to this sort of criticism. Do the missing (or additional) scenes really matter? The following is a list of some of the material that was present in the book, but not in the film, and whether or not it truly affected the film.

1) There was no funeral for Dumbledore. In the novel, Centaurs and Merfolk all pay homage to the fallen wizard. In the prior novels, a relationship between Dumbledore and these creatures have been established, but not so in the films. The movie is currently just under three hours, and to tack on a funeral scene could push it over the three hour mark. There was no funeral, but all the students raised their wands to eliminate the dark mark hanging in the sky. The right music accompanies this scene. A funeral scene is rumored for the next film, but Dumbledore still got the send off he deserved in this one.

2) There were too few memories scenes regarding Voldemort’s past. In the novel, readers are treated to seeing Voldemort’s mother and family before he was even born. They go on to learn of his life right after Hogwarts up to applying for the position of Defense against the Dark Arts (and the curse that befell that position when Dumbledore turned him down). The film does provide movie audiences with the vital information they need to set up the next film with an exception. Harry does not learn of Valdemort’s obsession with certain treasures from the founders of Hogwarts. As far as he knows, a Horcrux can be ANYTHING. This issue will have to be addressed in the next film.

3) The Dursley’s were absent. They always provide some comic fun for the movies, but their presence was not needed to get this film moving.

4) Very little time was spent in the Weasley’s joke shop. It is established in the book that Harry provided the funds to Fred and George to open their joke shop. That does not happen in the movies. While any Harry Potter fan would love the film to spend more time in the famed joke shop, it would be time spent that is not needed for the film to work. The black smoke and love potions are introduced, and these are the only elements that are needed for the plot.

5) The new Minister of Magic is not introduced. Again, the introduction of Rufus Scrimgeour is not needed to move the plot of Harry Potter 6 forward.

6) Harry is not hiding under the invisibility cloak in the tower scene. Instead Harry is down one level looking up on the action as Dumbledore ordered. He does not take any action to save Dumbledore when he is killed by Snape. The scene unfolds showing Snape’s actions completely taking Harry by surprise. There was nothing he can do. How this hits Harry as far whatever guilt he may have will unfold in the next film.

7) There is no attack on Hogwarts and no battle between the Aurors and the Death Eaters. This turns out to be a major plot hole in the film. The reason why there was no battle, according to director David Yates, is that since there is a battle in the next film (Part TWO of the next film). They didn’t want to make viewers feel the series was repeating itself. That is all well and good; but, now Draco fixing the cabinet so the Death Eaters can invade the school makes no sense. His ONLY mission is the kill Dumbledore and, if he can’t, then Snape must, since he made the unbreakable bond. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why the Death Eaters have to be there. Could it be to make sure Draco carries out his mission? Perhaps, but it is a weak reason. David Yates left plot holes in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, his first feature film. This is the biggest one he leaves in this one.

8) The Death Eaters attack and destroy the Burrow, the home of the Weasley’s. Since book six does not have that many action sequences aside for the attack on Hogwarts, the filmmakers added this scene to help compensate. Since the scene does not appear in the book, the audience does not know what will happen; something the fans don’t get too much of in the films. The scene does provide a good level of excitement and helps solidify the pending relationship between Harry and Ginny. While it is not known, one can speculate that there will be no wedding scene in the next movie. Bill Weasley has never been introduced on screen, nor is there any mention of his pending nuptials. Since the Burrow have been destroyed, audiences do not need to expect an upcoming wedding.

9) The relationship between Harry and the Half-Blood Prince is diluted in the film. Harry has the positive relationship he has with Slughorn, in part due to the text book he possesses. Once he hurts Draco Malfoy, he has Ginny hide the book on him when they share their first kiss. When Harry is chasing after Snape and tries using the same spell on him that he used on Malfoy, it is then revealed that Snape is the prince. It is almost thrown in as an afterthought and certainly could have been brought about in a better way. What is also missing from that scene is how Snape is almost trying to teach Harry a lesson on how he must keep his mind closed or any wizard worth anything will know what spells he is about to cast.

10) Too much time was spent on the romance aspect of the film. While it is true that many of these scenes really let the actors flex some of their acting muscles in ways they have not been able to in the prior films, it’s worth it.

The list can go on and on (Harry learning he inherited Sirius home, apparition lessons), most of these are not needed to move the plot forward or can be addressed in the next film. One can also look at these films as a whole and ask if they work had the books never existed. For the most part, the film stands on its own quite well.
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